Goblin Defender

Goblin Defender: Goblin Breeder, Book 4

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 54m | 758.21 MB

Author: Micky Carre
Narrator: Renée Nolen, Alfie Syme

Book 4 of the best-selling Goblin Breeder series!

Life may feel like paradise, but war looms in the shadows.

I have met every challenge head-on and emerged victorious, but now I must face the realization that helping to repopulate the goblin race will take a lot more work than I originally thought. Amidst my efforts to advance technology, build a house for my family, and prepare the city of Gillamoor for war, I must find the time to father as many children as physically possible. The future of the goblins depends on it.

To make matters worse, I must travel to Holmar and continue my work there while trying to negotiate peace with the war-hungry orcs, who only respect the strongest of warriors. After that, we must travel north into the mountains to confront a horrifying evil so I can retrieve Eldrick’s sword, the last tool needed before my final fight with the sorcerer Vogrim.

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