Goblin Adventurer

Goblin Adventurer: A Slice of Life Harem Fantasy

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 8h 45m | 477.78 MB

Author: Micky Carre
Narrator: Alfie Syme, Renée Nolen

Book 2 of the Goblin Breeder series!

Having survived the Battle of Gillamoor, I now enjoyed the life of a hero. Honor has been heaped upon my name and I continued my efforts helping the goblins repopulate.

But paradise is sometimes short-lived. The goblin military was a mess, so I had to train them into something that could survive another attack. In the midst of that, I had to find the time to start building my life in Gillamoor. With help from my companions, I began preparations for my journey to the south, to confront Odewyn, who held one of the keys to defeating Vogrim.

I was an Army Ranger, so I knew I was tough. But I had never faced a necromancer before.

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