Germination [Dramatized Adaptation]

Germination [Dramatized Adaptation]: Battle Mage Farmer 2

2024 | M4B@128 kbps | 9h 55m | 551 MB

Author: Seth Ring
Narrator: GraphicAudio

For John Sutton, things are finally looking up… For now…

The farm is running smoothly, the local bandits have been pacified, and he is starting to understand how magic works. Though none of that will matter if he can’t get his Doom Points under control.

As Ellie seeks to join the ranks of Class Holders, the mystery surrounding her grandmother grows and the two of them set off to discover the truth. But her legacy as a Witch is not the only mystery that needs to be explored. A strange plant is growing in Ferdie’s field, and it’s given John a new quest.

Meanwhile, a secret organization spreading its tendrils of influence throughout the war-weary world is plotting to destroy the fragile peace John fought so hard to achieve. As the shadows that surround this world are peeled back, he’ll need every ounce of wisdom and restraint he has ever possessed to keep from blowing the whole thing up himself.

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