Game Plan

Game Plan: A Proven Approach to Work, Live, and Play at the Highest Level Possible—For as Long as Possible
English | May 21, 2024 | ASIN: B0CF6ZGMMR | MP3@64 kbps | 7h 2m | 193.31 MB

Author: Mike Mancias
Narrator: JD Jackson

From the trainer and high-performance expert behind LeBron James and other superstars, a blueprint to achieving peak physical and psychological well-being—and sustaining it for the long haul. With a foreword by LeBron.

“Mike Mancias is more than a teacher or trainer, his approach to health and wellness is an approach to life. If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.”—Usher

Mike Mancias has spent two decades developing and refining a winning blueprint for athletic excellence. He’s worked with countless professional athletes, sports franchises, and the US Olympic Program. And his methods have propelled the rise of LeBron James, arguably the best-trained athlete in the world, and the gold standard for elite longevity. In Game Plan, he shares those secrets with the rest of us.

Over the course of three parts—the first focused on nutrition (“Eat with performance first and foremost in your mind”), the second on physical training (“We find the best ways to keep the body in constant motion”), and the third on recovery (“Recovery doesn’t start after performance but during performance”)—Mancias guides listeners on their own journey to tiptop performance.

Revelations include the precise time to eat before an athletic pursuit, the hidden pitfalls of stretching, the right temperature for sleeping, therapeutic breathing techniques to turn off stress, and why naps are not just for babies. Throughout, Mancias makes the case that excellence must begin with the mind before it can manifest in the body—and shows you how to cultivate it.

Game Plan offers an actionable, holistic, and comprehensive roadmap to peak performance.

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