Fuse: The Grid Series, Book 2

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 7h 47m | 425.04 MB

Author: Nicholas Turner
Narrator: Zach Dyer

Much has changed, for humanity struggles in the aftermath of total collapse.

When Crow set out to survive, he never imagined the world he would find. He and his band of survivors crossed the wastelands in search of a new home. They found GUC instead. A cyberpunk city filled with new dangers they could barely imagine. Beneath their feet, humans are little more than prisoners scraping out what they can under the illusion of protection.

It was supposed to be a fresh start. A chance to become more than their miserable existence allowed. He stumbles upon Gabriel and is offered the chance to change everything, for Gabriel plans to take it all down any way he can. Once begun, there will be no return. Now Crow finds himself stuck in a power struggle that is throwing the entire city into chaos. Crow and Gabriel decide the time has come to risk everything for the sake of freedom. Each is willing to sacrifice his life for this one opportunity to take back society and, perhaps, find a way to set the world right.

The stage is set. The battle for freedom is about to begin.

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