Fatal Flaws

Fatal Flaws: Gate Ghosts, Book 13

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 24m | 731.87 MB

Author: S. H. Jucha
Narrator: Nicole Poole

Admiral Cordelia prosecutes multiple Krackus territories simultaneously with Trident squadrons. However, the success of the Liberation and its Trident escorts to clear territories comes to an end with the loss of multiple warships in a furious engagement against a capable Krackus fleet imperator.

Forced to return to Helgart, Captain Mila Pappas offers a harsh solution to enable the Liberation to return residents to their home worlds. She suggests they no longer engage in ship-to-ship battles against Krackus fleets. Instead, Juno and her companions should fight with the deadly Elvian drones. The idea is readily accepted.

After the integration of Dwerves on the Queller planet of Trevonian, the next Queller world for Dwerves is Pavbleg. The planet’s early colonists suffered setbacks from the primordial fauna. Quellers, Dwerves, and conclave members deliver infrastructure to keep the colonists safe. Dwerves perfectly suited for the wet, dangerous world are integral to the work.

Tocknicka’s troops on Naiad are due to be recalled. This forces the council and the new security commander to scramble to find an alternative means of ensuring peace in Naiad’s domes. The answer arrives from two directions — sisters and Sylians.

Imperium citizens are incensed about an egregious edict enacted by the assembly to search businesses and residences without a legal order to enter. As a confrontation builds, Executor Dakargk plots a dastardly attack to prove to executors and naval headquarters that the conclave can be hurt.

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