Fantastic Four: What Lies Between

Fantastic Four: What Lies Between
English | December 07, 2020 | ASIN: B08L5HCC62 | M4B@65 kbps | 9h 40m | 253.4 MB

Author: Peter David, Marvel
Narrator: Natalie Duke

Reed Richards is brought in on a consult to oversee a privately funded dimension-spanning device…a device that will give wealthy patrons the opportunity to experience interdimensional travel. Never mind that the consortium wants to launch a sweeping endeavor that would be branded as Fantastic Forays, with the world’s greatest superhero team receiving a cut of the profits; their brilliant lead scientist, Rachel Hunt, has now discovered a way to safely traverse interspace – the main conduits situated between dimensions – that allows one access to a multitude of realities. And it is this very discovery of these gateways that puts the Fantastic Four on the front lines of a new kind of war, as dark forces gather and conspire to bring about the utter annihilation of all humanity.

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