Dungeon Diving 201

Dungeon Diving 201

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 41m | 637.92 MB

Author: Bruce Sentar
Narrator: Lewis Alexander, Rozelyn Rader

Ken returns from the Elven World to another year at Haylon College.
Yet, attitudes towards training have changed, the Naga attack has shifted priorities

the world over and Ken finds himself and his fellow classmates pushed harder than ever before.

The big four colleges no longer are going to focus on survival of their students, it’s time to push them and let the strongest shine.

Which would be okay for Ken, if a new problem hadn’t cropped up. A monster that doesn’t appear in any of the records has been stalking him through the dungeon. The answer to it, might actually lie in Crimson’s past.

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