Dr. Vikram Loses His Mind: Earworms

Dr. Vikram Loses His Mind: Earworms

English | 2020 | ASIN: B0CT3QSBW9 | M4B@125 kbps | 0h 45m | 42.11 MB

Author: Arvind Ethan David
Narrator: Sanjeev Bhaskar, Ming-Na Wen, Kirsty Yates, Allison Caviness

It is a simple question that is as profound as any we can ask: “Who am I?” Dr. Vikram Anthony is that rare person who believes the answer is relatively simple. I am my work; I am my skill; I am my mind.

It is only when the noted surgeon faces his own mortality that the answer gets more complex. And the opportunity for a new life–a decidedly different life–opens a world of possibilities he’d never imagined.

But perhaps he doesn’t know his own mind as well as he thinks he does….

Dr. Vikram Loses His Mind is written by Arvind Ethan David and stars Sanjeev Bhaskar as Dr. Vikram Anthony and Ming-Na Wen as Dr. Elaine Greenfield.

Earworms is a series of short speculative-fiction dramas–tales of what might have been…or might yet be…or perhaps in fact are, if only you were paying attention…if only you were listening.

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