Den of Iniquity

Den of Iniquity: The Accidental Necromancer, Book 2
English | February 04, 2023 | ASIN: B0BRQR6GD5 | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 44m | 749.18 MB

Author: JG Jerome
Narrator: Zachary Zaba, Kassandra Cherry

Will James has had an interesting summer so far. He met a ghost, resurrected her, and took her for a girlfriend. She is a witch who died in 1891. She tells him he’s a necromancer. His occasional hookup becomes a full-time hookup. He meets an angel. He resurrects another ghost. His out-of-town girlfriend turns out to be a sorceress. He ties his boss up at a workshop, and she likes it. All these ladies want Will. What’s a guy to do? Create a harem of strong, talented women, of course.

To make matters more interesting, Will learned the woman that owns the theater where he performs is a succubus. Additionally, he killed a zombie with a thought, killed a demon with his powers, and won his first battle against another necromancer. On the down side, his sister has terminal cancer, and the Church apparently wants both his witch girlfriend and his succubus friend dead before they enslave him.

As summer turns to autumn, Will is faced with the challenges of learning what it means to be a necromancer. His focus turns to growing his skills and dusting off his combat skills to protect his growing family and his circle of friends—all while trying not to draw the attention of the Church.

Will’s succubus friend Bernadette notifies him that she has a demon problem she needs Will’s help with. It looks like Will and his family will be spending a lot of time at Bernadette’s Den of Iniquity.

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