Dawn of the Density God

Dawn of the Density God: Density God, Book 1

2024 | M4B@128 kbps | 14h 42m | 816.46 MB

Author: ToraAKR
Narrator: J. S. Arquin

Madra: A planet stuck on hard mode set to devour everyone on its surface.

Jiran is just a child when he receives shattered, imperfect memories of a past life. Nestled inside these emotionless visions is a magic very different to the density and mana he knows, the magic of science.

The empire stands alone against the relentless beasts of Madra. Their only means of survival is harnessing the density that saturates her surface, a magic they cannot possibly understand. Will Jiran realize he holds the key to unlocking humanity’s infinite potential before they are all wiped out?

A slow burn cultivation LitRPG with a magic system that will blow your socks off—or your arm, or both your legs. Who knew magic + science could be so explosive?

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