Dark Horse

Dark Horse: A Demon’s Guide to the Afterlife, Book 1
English | June 09, 2022 | ASIN: B0B3Q5S96Q | M4B@125 kbps | 8h 45m | 477.73 MB

Author: Kel Carpenter, Aurelia Jane
Narrator: Savannah Gilmore, Adam Gold

My husband killed me.

Instead of spending my immortal afterlife pissed off and angry, I moved on. I became someone.

Sure, that someone was a demon with the highest track record of reform, a.k.a. punishment, in Hell. But who’s bragging?

I’m right on my way to retirement behind the pearly gates. Everything was going fine…until the Risk Witches saw a terrible vision.

Three men. Each scarred in their own way, born with powers that haven’t been seen in eons.

Upper management sent the best to correct their path. Angels. Poltergeists. Nothing worked.

These men were too stubborn. Too bad. Too untamed….

So they sent me.

Roman. Ezra. Dorian.

Combined, they have enough power to end the world—and they will.

Unless I find a way to stop them first.

Breaking people is my job. But this time…my job might break me.

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