Cowboy Necromancer 4

Cowboy Necromancer 4: Cowboy Necromancer, Book 4

English | April 30, 2024 | ASIN: B0CZ1QVY56 | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 8m | 661.85 MB

Author: Harmon Cooper
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews

In this thrilling collection of the four Cowboy Necromancer novellas, Sterling and the Sunflower Kid traverse the post-apocalyptic Southwest, a land overshadowed by the enigmatic Godwalkers.

From Arizona’s brutal deserts to the chaotic streets of New Orleans, this collection of four novellas sees Sterling and the Sunflower Kid battling supernatural foes and extraterrestrial threats in a world scarred by the Reset.

Their journey takes a dangerous turn in California, magnetized by a powerful vortex of forbidden energy. Here, Sterling must not only restore his dwindling powers, but also outmaneuver a web of treachery and danger. The looming menace of the Godwalkers tests their every move, with each decision echoing through this fractured world.

The saga culminates in a gripping standoff in California, where Sterling faces a harrowing choice: vanquish the Godwalkers and risk losing their powers, or let the alien terrors reign supreme. This final battle, set against a backdrop of intrigue and human courage, seals a story of survival, grit, and the intricate dance of politics in a world reborn from ashes.

Can Sterling and the Sunflower Kid defy the odds and save a world on the brink?

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind LitRPG western set in the post-apocalyptic Southwest inspired by The Dark Tower, Old Man Logan, and Red Dead Redemption. Expect classes, leveling, and skill trees that will feel familiar to any fan of role-playing games or the GameLit genre. Add to that a heavily researched series that blends Southwest mysticism with high tech and dangerous monsters, all in a setting big enough for the Grand Canyon.

Cowboy Necromancer is a story unlike any you’ve heard in the genre, one that blends languages, culture, action, true history, and suspense as Sterling and his team of superpowereds try to stop alien monoliths from destroying what is left of humanity.

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