Colonist Soldier

Colonist Soldier: A Science Fiction Harem Adventure
English | March 10, 2023 | ASIN: B0BY3D5QD9 | MP3@128 kbps | 23h 13m | 1.25 GB

Author: Dan Raxor, Tyler Bowman
Narrator: Patrick Dubois, Nina Harmony

Devious criminals, bloodthirsty aliens, a colony in despair, and one hardened veteran!

Vesta Colony has a problem: Aliens are snatching men until they disappear for good. Humanity’s defensive forces are stretched too thin to help a distant outpost, and so, the desperate founders, as well as their investors, are given the bad option of recruiting the worst while bribing the rest.

When Alex’s wife was murdered, he turned full vigilante. After years of having a sterling record, he found himself willingly incarcerated to exact his vengeance. His incarceration eats at his soul until an offer too good to refuse from Vesta Colony changes his fate. While he’s more than happy to get out from behind bars, the fact colonies treat humans like cattle means he understands what he’s signing up for.


There’s more to this situation than a hardened veteran anticipates. Life won’t be easy, issues won’t stop rearing their ugly heads, and the lovely beauties who need his protection make Alex’s head spin. Oh, and the rumor is, there’s an army of testicle-eating aliens trying to turn in him into a snack.

Join Alex as he crossed the void to become the Guardian of Vesta Colony!

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