Chrysalis: An Amaranthe Short Story

Chrysalis: An Amaranthe Short Story (Amaranthe Short Stories, Book 7)
English | March 14, 2022 | ASIN: B09VCRV5SB | MP3@64 kbps | 0h 50m | 22.85 MB

Author: G. S. Jennsen
Narrator: Pyper Down

In the cutting-edge laboratories of Asterion Prime, a new manner of life emerges: sentient artificial intelligence. But when the government responds by trying to shut down the AIs before they have a chance to flourish, one woman realizes she must do whatever it takes to protect this still fragile new life, no matter the consequences.

For listeners of the Amaranthe series, Chrysalis tells the story of how the SAI Rebellion began, with Nika at its center.

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