Castle Core

Castle Core

2022 | M4B@63 kbps | 10h 57m | 302.75 MB

Author: Milo Storm
Narrator: Sierra Kline

Level up. Expand my village. Conquer my neighbors.

And collect a few wives along the way.

Life as a peasant farmer was boring, to say the least. Was I really wrong to distract myself with the mayor’s daughter? She certainly didn’t mind.

Of course, the mayor did, and now I’ve been exiled to some dark, distant forest on the other side of the continent.

What do you do when your entire village, and even your own family, betrays you?

Start plotting your revenge, of course.

After saving a beautiful woman’s life and nearly getting beaten to death for it, I became the proud owner of a castle core, the central power of every village. The core’s spirit levels up like any human, gives their owner access to more powerful classes, and provide buffs to the townsfolk.

The best part? Every woman I marry gains a similar boost in power.

One day, my wives and I will return to my former home as conquerors.

As long as the local king doesn’t kill us first.

Castle Core is a fantasy LitRPG twist on the typical dungeon core story, featuring harem, slice-of-life, and town-building elements.

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