Burden of Time

Burden of Time: Zombie Fallout, Book 21
English | October 24, 2023 | ASIN: B0CDYFVRVJ | MP3@128 kbps | 11h 44m | 644.82 MB

Author: Mark Tufo
Narrator: Sean Runnette

The crew of the SS Jimmy Carter is stranded on the tropical shoreline of Brazil, but Mike Talbot and his squad are not enjoying the beach. The Brazilian government might have failed in the end times, but the jungle is rife with violently patriotic guerrillas—and not the cool banana-eating type.

Humans can be reasonable, more or less…but zombies? Not so much. The undead are alive and well in South America, and they are raging.

Zombies are mutating, transforming at an untenable rate. They are bigger, stronger, and more terrifying than ever, and best of all, the newest adaptations are nearly impossible to kill.

Losses are piling up, burdening Mike and causing him nightmares—and daymares. His spirituality is tested by apparitions and visitations, and the captain is finally at his breaking point. With barely enough people left to make the trek, it seems his goal to head home to Colorado may end up just a foolish dream after all.

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