Beneath the Ashes 2

Beneath the Ashes 2

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 7h 17m | 398.43 MB

Author: Misty Vixen
Narrator: Jessica Threet

Life beneath the ashen surface continues…

After a near death experience out in the tunnels that cross the depths of a dead world, Ethan is back on his feet and ready for more.

When he arrived in Wayport less than a month ago, he had nothing but the clothes on his back. Now, everything has changed. He has a place to live, coin in his pocket, and the best job security in the bastion. It comes at a cost though, as that job is about to get a lot more dangerous.

The bastion is starting to break down from years of hard times and poor maintenance. The distance separating peace and disaster is shorter than ever. To complicate matters more, the Crawlers have never been more strapped for recruits. Ethan is going to have to fight harder than he ever has before to make this work.

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