Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising: A Cori Sloane Witch Mystery: Cori Sloane Witch Mysteries, Book 3
English | October 14, 2021 | ASIN: B09JFHVDM2 | M4B@125 kbps | 4h 10m | 223.66 MB

Author: Tegan Maher
Narrator: Meghan Kelly

When hikers find a body in a hunting cabin, the case seems cut and dried until the victim turns out to be the right-hand man to the alpha of a rival pack. Handling a paranormal murder case is tricky enough without a pack war looming on the horizon.

While Cori tries to find a murderer before peace flies out the window, Zach’s past – the one he can’t remember – catches up with him in the form of a mysterious woman.

As if her hands weren’t full enough, the mysterious, impulsive vampire who founded the town has decided he doesn’t like the way the town is running and has decided to rebrand it.

All Cori wants is to master her magic and make sure her town remains the safe, sleepy place it’s always been. Instead, trouble’s on the horizon, and she has to stand tall with her friends and her fox familiar by her side and meet it head-on.

Join Cori Sloane – witch, werewolf, and sheriff – her fox familiar, and her bevy of paranormal friends for yet another adventure in this third installment of the Cori Sloane Witchy Werewolf Mystery series.

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