Arcane Knight

Arcane Knight: An Epic LitRPG Fantasy
English | March 01, 2023 | ASIN: B0BTJ9QXRZ | MP3@128 kbps | 20h 6m | 1.08 GB

Author: Timothy McGowen
Narrator: Ronnie Rowlands, Tiffany Suzuki

Chaos is afoot!

What was meant to be a simple hunt turned into a life-changing adventure! Caldor is whisked into a world of magic, adventure, and politics. Can he survive long enough to reach his goals?

In a magical world known as “The Wyrd” only those who have the Spark can be adventurers, diving into magical dungeons, getting epic loot, and leveling up by collecting essence. Caldor is several years past the age when most people find out they are sparked, but that doesn’t stop him from wishing.

Caldor’s father was an adventurer, and he wants nothing more than to be like him, an Arcane Knight. When his hunt goes sideways and he finds that he can harness the powers of being a Sparked, he is filled with excitement and ready to battle his way to the top!

Magic, adventure, and a dose of unwanted politics await him; will he survive long enough to become an Arcane Knight? Listen and find out.

This is a LitRPG book with a “system”—levels, stats, and cool abilities. No harem and loads of fun violence.

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