Anything: Full Murderhobo, Book 2
English | March 01, 2022 | ASIN: B09TPYC165 | M4B@96 kbps | 12h 32m | 498.2 MB

Author: Dakota Krout
Narrator: Christian J. Gilliland

An ever-expanding desert. A centuries-old curse. Enough power to change Anything.

Luke is a straightforward man. There are only a few things he wants in life: Levels, things to fight to gain levels, and finding Cookie, so he can fight things more efficiently. Well, better armor might be nice. Yet, the other members of his team are ready for some relaxation, and fun in the sun. After all, there should be huge perks that come with stopping an invasion in its tracks, and a hero’s welcome would be a welcome change.

Surprisingly, being famous for making the Kingdom wealthy and powerful has its downsides. Namely, there is now a huge price on their heads. Ordered to flee from the political machinations, assassins, and marriage proposals, The Four soon find themselves searching for a way to pit their power against the world, and make a comfy home in the desert.

The problem is, Nature likes to be left alone. When you start messing with it….Anything could happen.

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