Ancient Rome [Enthralling History]

Ancient Rome: An Enthralling Overview of Roman History, Starting from the Romulus and Remus Myth through the Republic to the Fall of the Roman Empire: Ancient Civilizations, Book 2
English | November 22, 2021 | ASIN: B09M965QZK | MP3@64 kbps | 6h 3m | 154.71 MB

Author: Enthralling History
Narrator: Jay Herbert

Are you intrigued by ancient Rome’s myths, culture, and unimaginable rise to power? If so, this powerful history of ancient Rome will draw you in and keep you listening!

Rome’s astonishing history now spans 28 centuries, growing from obscurity into a massive empire stretching from Britain to the Middle East and south to Africa. Rome’s culture and institutions left an enduring legacy that continues to impact civilizations around the world.

In this engaging history of ancient Rome, we will unwrap the intriguing myths of the twin babies Romulus and Remus – left exposed to certain death – and their ancestor Aeneas, who escaped burning Troy and made his epic journey to central Italy. We will discover how all the drama, politics, and empire-building unfolded. We will explore the captivating stories of the brilliant and indomitable people who built Rome and the chaotically destructive people who destroyed it from within.

This thoroughly-researched history vividly presents a fascinating insight into ancient Rome. The clear and compelling narrative provides a comprehensive overview without being pretentious and boring.

A glimpse of the questions this audiobook will uncover includes:

  • What happened when a goddess met a handsome shepherd on a lonely hilltop?
  • Who escaped from burning Troy to later become a king in Italy?
  • What ill-fated romance impelled Queen Dido of Carthage to commit suicide?
  • How did a Vestal Virgin get pregnant?
  • Why were the babies floating down the river in a basket – and what happened to them?
  • Did Romulus get blown away in a windstorm? Or was he torn to pieces by the senators?
  • How did abuse of power by tyrannical kings lead to a democratic Republic?
  • And much, much more!

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