All the Dust That Falls 3

All the Dust That Falls 3: An Isekai LitRPG Adventure

2024 | M4B@99 kbps | 19h 7m | 1.04 GB

Author: zaifyr
Narrator: Phil Thron

In the aftermath of a harrowing battle against a relentless undead horde, Spot, our valiant warrior, delves deeper into the shadows to cleanse the lingering corruption.

Meanwhile, Bee maintains their hard-won peace at home. Yet, the order they seek remains elusive.

Their recent display of power has awakened an ancient force drawn to the void left by the defeated undead. As this old adage proves true—power abhors a vacuum—the cleared battleground beckons a new, more menacing adversary.

As Spot and Bee confront the consequences of their victories, they face a critical question: Can they fortify their world against this emerging chaos, or will the fragile status quo collapse under this new threat?

Follow a wholesome vacuum on his quest to power in All the Dust that Falls 3, a hilarious new Isekai LitRPG that will make you question what it means to be a hero. Or if heroes even need limbs, or mouths, or … you get it.

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