A Tale of Two Cities (performed by Simon Callow)

A Tale of Two Cities: The Audible Dickens Collection

English | February 06, 2018 | ASIN: B0773WJWQG | M4B@125 kbps | 15h 0m | 818.88 MB

Author: Charles Dickens, Simon Callow – introduction
Narrator: Simon Callow

This Audible Exclusive production revisits one of Dickens’ popular novels: A Tale of Two Cities. In Dickens’ driving narrative we see many themes that permeate life today as well as characters who provide a window into the past. This, coupled with Simon Callow’s expert narration, is a treat for those new to Dickens and lifelong fans alike. Featuring an exclusive introduction written by Callow, whose passion for Dickens shines through.

This release marks the start of the Dickens Collection, an exclusive series of unmissable performances available throughout 2018.

About the book

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’

So begins Charles Dickens’ most famous historical drama: a gripping tale of war, social injustice and the choice between darkness and light. After being unjustly imprisoned for 18 years, French doctor Manette is released from the Bastille jail in Paris and embarks upon a journey to London in the hope of finding the daughter he never met. Young Lucie Manette is a pretty and dutiful girl who soon attracts the attention of two very different gentlemen. Now reunited with the father she believed to be dead, happiness appears to be within reach. But as they are all drawn back to the bloodstained streets of Paris, misery and the threat of La Guillotine loom once again.

In Callow’s introduction, we discover how Dickens’ own volatile personal circumstances of the time are mirrored in A Tale of Two Cities. He tells of Dickens’ personal feuds and explains why this novel sees Dickens at his most theatrical.

About the author

With his father incarcerated, Charles Dickens had to abandon his studies at a young age and set to work in a factory so as to support himself. Despite his short-lived education, Dickens went on to write 15 novels, various articles, novellas and short stories. He lectured and led campaigns for children’s rights and education and arguably became the ultimate self-made man. Dickens had strong values, and they pervade A Tale of Two Cities, which can be seen as not only an inspirational text but one which will continue to stand the test of time.

About the narrator

Simon Callow is a multi-award-winning actor, writer and theatre director. He is best known for his performances in Amadeus, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Simon has vast stage experience and clearly loves what he does. His fervour began at a young age working as box office staff, and it wasn’t long before he made the transition from behind the scenes to centre stage – never looking back.

Callow is also known for his literary talents and has published various biographies including those of Oscar Wilde, Charles Laughton and Orson Welles. He has narrated over 20 audiobooks and brings his wealth of experience and characteristic charm to this exciting performance.

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