A Guide to Demonic Ascension 2

A Guide to Demonic Ascension: Book 2

2024 | M4B@128 kbps | 12h 4m | 670.07 MB

Author: Tim Saian
Narrator: Justin Price

In a world embroiled in wars for freedom, liberty, and vengeance, Nil finds himself imprisoned within his own soul. Haunted by the shrouds of a godless past, he yearns for more than mere survival; he seeks a purpose for his demonic existence.

King swears to her ways; the ancient feud with the neglectful deities will not go unfinished. Her insatiable wrath, greed, and boundless pride threaten to call down the sky.

With their destinies intertwined by a thousand years of judgment, Nil must muster his will and determination to survive the cataclysmic consequences that follow and unearth the true meaning of the power he wields or forge one from the chaos.

As the past and gods collide, Nil must confront the ultimate question: What do you fight for?

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