A Few Against Many

A Few Against Many: Frontiers Saga, Part 3: Fringe Worlds, Book 8

2024 | M4B@128 kbps | 7h 49m | 434.39 MB

Author: Ryk Brown
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer

Part 3: Episode 8

. . . Forced to trust a captured crew.

. . . A pair of assets in need of repair.

. . . An enemy pursuing them across the galaxy.

. . . An ambush ahead that they cannot avoid.

The Free Fleet has captured two of the largest assets ever created, but those they took them from will not give them up without a fight. Unfortunately, there is only one way to shake the pursuit, and their enemy knows this.

The Free Fleet is about to face their biggest battle yet, and the odds will not be in their favor.

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