50+ Explicit & Taboo Sex Stories For Adults (4 in 1)

50+ Explicit & Taboo Sex Stories For Adults (4 in 1): Forbidden Fantasies Erotica- Threesomes, Gangbangs, BDSM, Rough Anal, Cuckold, Orgasmic Oral, First Time Lesbian, Tantra & More

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Author: Rachael Richards
Narrator: Emerold James

Discover How You Can Explore ALL Your Dirtiest Fantasies That Breaks ALL Of Societies Deepest Sexual Taboo’s Then Keep Reading…

Whether we admit it or not, we all have our own deep & dark Sexual fantasies that we all wish we could turn into reality. Of course, some of them we can explore with ease, however, for those that may be more complicated to turn into reality, you can explore them freely with this book. So, that’s why we wrote Sexual Freedom, to let you freely explore ALL elements of your sexuality without any shame or guilt, to help you reach your own Sexual Ecstasy. Time to explore, alone, or with your partner…

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